woensdag 26 oktober 2011

nostalgia shoot | sparkle and color magic!

from now on i will start writing my blog in english so i can practice and practice!! monday i have received the dvd with all the photos Melissa Milis made from my new | nostalgia | collection; a collection made in porcelain based on the nostalgic flower patterns that my grandma (luckily) used to collect like old lampshades, lids and bowls which i found while 'treasurehunting' in the basement.. and i'm very proud of it :)) wonderful how everything comes together in Melissa's photos, she manages to put the sparkle and color magic together in a subtle and dreamy way, you've got to love her for that ;) !! my website will be uploaded later on but here you can see some first glimpses, enjoy!

porcelain products and styling: bart van didden
photos © bart van didden

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